The Technicolor Hi-Gloss Array!!!!

Like a magpie gleaning from the web - the following glossary is a sample of a growing collection of images that I find myself drawn to, an archive of curiosities that help remind me of the world outside my window.
It comprises of photographs, drawings, diagrams, maps and newspaper clippings - a snapshot of the many things that have helped form my ideas about the world.

N.B. A lot of the images are completely random and I like for reasons that I cannot express, an attempt to do so would just sound awful.

On a more serious note - I have endeavoured to credit the originators of all images however should you have any queries regarding the accurate attributions of any of the images below please send me an email and I'll aim to rectify any mistakes.


Takashi Matsuda Source unknown Vanity Barcodes Source Unknown via US Army Field Manual Dr Elena Bodnar A.Tuccaro unknown Dante Alighieri unknown Luisa Alpalhao Sanaa at the BCN Pavilion Photographer unknown via Paul Verlaine, 1872 Hans Hollein Athanisus Kircher Source unknown Joseph Faber, 1845 via By Author Jan Tschichold Will Insley Source unknown via Blueprint Magazine Photographer unknown Photographer Unknown via Wikipedia Iofan, Shchuko, Gelfreikh Photographer unknown via Behance Alex S.MacLean via Source unknown via Muse & Maker via Bokja via Dezeen Yinka Shonibare via via Dezeen via Wikipedia Source unknown Céleste Boursier-Mougenot via Dan Grayber Mischertraxler via Dezeen Source unknown El Lissitzky Kubrick/Clarke Photographer unknown Photographer unknown Photographer unknown via BBC news Jean-Léon Gérôme Enric Miralles via Dezeen via Wikipedia Caruso St John & Thomas Demand Packard Jennings Jean-Jacques Lequeu Source unknown MIA Photographer unknown Mike Webb Diller and Scofidio Photographer unknown Source unknown Victor Campolo via The Greenwich Phantom via Webbed Feet, Web Log Source unknown Source unknown Source unknown Mike Webb Nancy Holt, 1976 Don Pantone 14-0848 TCX via Source unknown Charles Jencks' House W. Chadwick of the USGS Nasa Sue & Malcolm via Alvim Correa René Magritte, 1938 Source unknown Photographer unknown Thomas Demand John Martin via Wandering Space probably via Wikipedia via The Patriot Files via Buamai Doron via Wikipedia unknown Harold & Maude, 1971 via Wikipedia René Magritte Source unknown Capcom Source unknown Source unknown via Indexhibit Zeinstra van Gelderen via Sylvain Chomet Source unknown Photographer unknown Gabriel Orozco, 1998 Photographer unknown El Lissitzky 1925 Jeanne-Claude & Christo Vincente Guallart NASA via BBC news via Bldgblog Sagan/Drake Planet of the Apes Gijs Van Vaerenberg Wes Anderson via Flickr Michael Askin Source unknown Xpiral Jonathan Hagos via Bldgblog via Dezeen stop throwing up - Brillant! EMBT NASA Source unknown Jonathan Hagos Burst of Beaden Philoxenus of Eretria NASA Pepe Fernández Photographer unknown de Bonnie and Clyde Salvador Dalí Michael Jackson Akira 1998 - Katsuhiro Otomo Akira, 1988 - Katsuhiro Otomo Ernie Barnes via the BBC Machines de lîle Jeff Jordan Source unknown H.Capot Photographer unknown Source unknown Scabal Source unknown Photographer unknown Photographer unknown Mike Webb, 1991 Django Django Jonathan Hagos via unknown Wrestlemania XIX DUS-A via Dezeen Kubrick/Clarke Studio Glithero Photographer unknown Source unknown Carl Cheng, 1988 Photographer unknown Nasa Rolf Süssbrich Martin.H via Flickr Movie Poster, 2004 Jonathan Hagos Schulze and Webb AHMM BIG via Dezeen Photographer unknown Surface Architects Amy Hunting via Dezeen via Courting Disaster via Photographer unknown via Photographer unknown Nasa probably Aron Lorincz Photographer unknown via Photographer unknown Nintendo Photographer unknown Arthur Rothstein, 1942 Malcolm Morley, 1966 Nasa Jason R. Zalasky, 2008 via Packard Jennings W.Anderson, 2004 Source unknown Gary Crewdson C. Flammarion, 1888 Nasa Andreas Gursky Gary Crewdson Photographer unknown Scott Plgrim vs the World Thomas Demand OMA photography by Miguel de Guzmán Wrestlemania XIX NASA Ames Research Center USAF Uwe George Jonathan Hagos Photographer unknown DRASSM Photographer unknown Photographer unknown OMA The Criterion Collection Photographer unknown <Br>Dentsu</Br> via BBC via FFFFound! Photographer unknown via Life via BBC via Artfulplayground Photographer unknown Kubrick/Clarke via BBC via BBC Photographer unknown Stardust via BBC Nintendo Jay Cousins Photographer unknown via Andritz Charles Jencks Charles Jencks' House Source unknown Photographer unknown via Funmansion via BBC via BBC for Richie Tenenbaum via via Getty Photographer unknown Photographer unknown via Source unknown Parker/Stone Alkalay & Mer via Wikipedia dont have you EMBT via Pacificcatalyst Photographer unknown Nintendo Photographer unknown Diller and Scofidio Photographer unknown via James Morris via Marocphotos via via The Design Museum via Bldgblog OMA Jonathan Hagos Adobe via Wikipedia Photographer unknown via Source unknown C. Flammarion, 1888 via Photographer unknown Photographer unknown via NASA A.Adach via Opendemocracy Étienne-Louis Boullée Django Django 20c Fox The Associated Press Nasa Nasa Nasa Theodor Kittelsen F.Lang Source unknown source unknown via BBC Balint Szent-Miklosy Lebbeus Woods Louis Daguerre Source unknown D.Pettit Photographer unknown Source unknown Photographer unknown via Photographer unknown Photographer unknown Lebbeus Woods via Bldgblog Luigi Russolo via Digitalglobe Daniel Libeskind via Bldgblog W.H.Case S.Kubrick D.Jovanovic via Behance Photographer unknown Photographer unknown Wilson Bentley, 1902 Nikolaj Nikolajewitsch Source unknown Nasa Kubrick via Wired Photographer unknown Photographer unknown Humans since 1982 Surface Architects Source unknown Photographer unknown Christian Pottgiesser Nasa Theodor Kittelsen Universal Studios Photographer unknown Harold Edgerton, 1944 via Photographer unknown via Étienne-louis Boullée Source unknown via in a sunbeam - C.Sagan