Human Displacement Map 2008 from Felix von Luschan's Chromatic Scale

Based on the work of Felix von Luschan (1854-1924) inventor of the 'von Luschan's chromatic scale - a method of classifying skin colour.
In this project the scale is transposed on to the surface of the Earth, in accordance with data from the latest national census'.

Though the 'von Luschan scale' was used extensively throughout the first half of the twentieth century in the study of race and anthropometry, it was considered problematic, even by its practitioners, because it was very inconsistent. In many instances, different investigators would give different readings of the same person. It was largely abandoned by the early 1950s, replaced instead by methods utilizing reflectance spectrophotometry.

In this project I utilize it as a way of highlighting (when compared to maps utilizing population data from earlier centuries) the effects of colonisation as well as migratory trends in the last century. The question of 'the indigenous' is raised as well as a closer look at multicultural ideals.